Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Interpretation Seminar

An interpretation seminar took place at the Women's library on Monday 13th March.

The seminar was facilitated by Nick Dixon, senior consultant (museums and heritage) for ABL Cultural Consulting. Others in attendance were, from the London Metropolitan University Pages team- Nici Oxley, Rosemary McGoldrick, Babette Pauthier, Lynda Brockbank, Francesca Vilalta, Claire Muldoon, Clancy Davies and Annie Spinster, and from the Women's Library - Antonia Byatt, Gail Cameron, Fiona Moorhead, Fiona Duffy and Teresa Doherty.

We began with a detailed PowerPoint presentation by Nick, around the themes of audience development and exhibition interpretation, supported with statistical data from the Women's Library on attendance figures and audience profiles for past exhibitions. We were asked to think about and discuss the questions - Who is Pages for? and What is Pages about?

Attention was drawn to the Pages concept displayed on the blog and current publicity leaflets, in particular the following sentences:
"The principle is to exhibit an anthology of collected work from women practitioners of the highest calibre in the widest variety of disciplines"
"As a large exhibition with many platforms in different venues, Pages will provide the first opportunity in a generation for women to record and proclaim, in highly visible public arena in a world city, the influence of other women as tutors, guides exemplars and seers."
It was felt by some that these particular sentences should be given more prominence in the way we describe what Pages is about.

We discussed the Women's Library's stated aim to provide access to archive material on women's issues and women's history, and how Pages relates to this. We also discussed the role of the Women's library website - a portal to searchable resources, and the proposed Pages website - a place for discussion and a virtual Pages venue.

Following a short break, we had an open-floor discussion on the proposed project development, in terms of timescale and priorities. While fundraising was felt to be an urgent priority, the following areas were also identified as important immediate concerns, some of which will facilitate fundraising:

Project Management - it was suggested that a steering committee be set up with members from the LMU and the Women's Library
Research - the ongoing generation of potential content and potential Pages participants, including research delivery scheduled for the end of May.
Vision - identifying the scope of the project and programming development
Identification of potential venues
Evaluation methods
- we discussed the possibility of beginning evaluation very shortly, the process continuing for the duration of the exhibition and afterwards. It was suggested that one or more of the student researchers could take on the job of project evaluation, providing them with valuable experience and saving precious funds.
Communication - we discussed ways of improving communication between the Women's Library and the LMU team. The Women's Library team are all very welcome to join the blog. It was suggested that there should be a second "nuts and bolts" blog, but on reflection it seems more practical to rely on group email for day to day communication. We also discussed opportunities for the Women's Library team to attend some research presentations at LMU.

The interpretation seminar lasted approximately 4 1/2 hours.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Female figurine, Lespugue, France, cast
Female figurine, Willendorf, Austria, cast
Cambridge Arch & Anth Museum

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Just found this event online, People Like Us is a female artist called Vicki Bennett... i may be going, twould nice to see some of you there.

Sound Screens
when: Fri 24 Mar (6-10pm)
where: E:vent (96 Teesdale Street, E2, 020.7613.0300) Tube: Bethnal Green
price: free

Tucked away out the back of Bethnal Green, Sound Screens is part of Threshold, a series of experimental sonic soireés sending reverb through the East End during March and continuing through April. Threshold provides a platform for the exploration of contemporary sound art, looking at the relationship between sound and how it interacts with space. Tonight's showcase sees artists merging audio and visual material to create collages sampled from an array of sources. Veteran multimedia artist PeopleLikeUs chops up found footage, creating sinister dreamscapes, while HFRLab's Cityscan spools a soundtrack that travels along the visual pattern of a pulsating city. (MR)NB: The exhibition runs until Wed 30 Mar (daily: 12-6pm).

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Rachel Cohen "slide" and "evolution of a chair"

This is what she says about her most recent project:

"I am working on a generative drawing project I call Chinese Whispers based on the children's party game. I make a drawing. I ask someone to copy my drawing as accurately as they can. This copy is then copied by another person, and so on. Accidental variations are introduced and the drawing evolves. After about 25 copies the images invariably become quite abstract. In some cases after only 10 or so.
I am involved in research with a neuroscientist and computer scientist at Sussex University to discover more about the way the drawings evolve. I am still at the stage of collecting data. I have around 30 chains of drawings to work with. The subject varies from faces and figures to objects or scenes and this appears to affect the rate of 'disintegration' of the image. I also ask participants to title drawings and this way get more information about when a drawing becomes abstract or transforms into something other than what it started as. (inanimate objects tend to become people and animals)
So the evolution of my drawings is based on retention and variation but the reproduction is not sexual and there isn't a process of selection. I think I want to address these things in future work though. Survival of the fittest could easily be introduced by allowing participants to choose which drawing to copy and discarding ones that rarely get chosen."

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Drinks at the Castle
Wednesday 15/03/06
at 6.30 pm
See you there,
Message from Teresa about the research skills seminar:


In the meeting I mentioned an 'Archive Research Skills session' that you are welcome to come to.
The next session is this Thursday 16th March 6pm (for 2 hours) in the TWL Clore Seminar Room.

The first hour is a presentation and discussion on really basic and practical questions such as: what are archives? What processes do we follow when we interpret them? what questions should we ask when working with archives?
Then we have a look at some 'typical' records in the Reading Room and a look at the exhibition.
This Thursday the session is for LMU Social Science MA research students (tutor is Georgie Parry Crooke). The students come from a range of interests - humanities, law, human rights, statiticians, number crunchers etc!

Georgie said "Sounds good and nice to have others/other perspectives!" so would be more than happy if any of you want to come,

Teresa (Doherty)
Head of Special Collections
The Women's Library

Monday, March 13, 2006

Liv Pennington "A dozen rejected eggs", 2003

Thursday, March 09, 2006


Here are some events I intend to get to, anybody fancy joining me?

FUGUE - "Immersive virtual reality and sound provide an interactive audiovisual interface to the dynamics of a complex system – for this work, an artificial immune system." This is an ongoing project at UCL. I'm going tonight.

Day-to-Day Data - "An exhibition of artists who collect, list, database and absurdly analyse the data of everyday life" Launch event tomorrow night (Friday) at Daniel Arnauld gallery. This exhibition features Mary Yacoob, who graduated from London Met last year.

Wormhole Saloon (sorry no picture) - "Surround sound installation by Ekkehard Ehlers (Staubgold) and live quad set by James Wyness; Buffalo stampedes; Videokinetik video installation by Julian Ronnefeldt; Theatre dance from Zephyr In Zanussi; Stunt re-enactments to video cut ups from Heather Cassisls, Brown Sierra and lots more." Sounds like a fun night! Whitechapel gallery, Friday 17 March. Entry £5 (bursaries!) , prebooking recommended.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006



Tuesday, March 07, 2006

* ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
Why not going out for a drink next week?
What about Tuesday or Wednesday evening?
We could go to the Castle or the Pride of Spitafield?
And talk about everything but Pages?
* ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
I am pleased to announce the birth of Pages website:

!!!!!!!!! Thanks Francesca !!!!!!!!!
Please give her some feedback.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Next meeting:
Monday the 6th of March 2006
2 pm in room 301
To talk about:
research, artists, Warsaw,
and the rest of it.
And as agreed let me know
if you can't make it.

The Impossible Theatre - Artist Talk
2 March 2006
The Curve
Barbican Centre
Katarzyna Kozyra will give a talk
about her work.
Tickets: Admission Free
Start 6.30pm
Not ticketed