Monday, April 10, 2006

Feedback on Pages' website

A meeting took place in Crescent Lodge to discuss the Pages’ website. Present at this meeting were Lynda, David Lovelock (from Crescent ‘s team), Annie and myself.

The points we addressed were:

  • the purpose: web vs. blog

  • the aesthetics & content structure

  • the development

  • The purpose

    There was the general view to reinforce the idea of the blog as a sketch area, an informal working space were the participants to the project should contribute to. Contributions could take the form of ideas, suggestions, comments, opinions, images and texts, as well as links to internet resources and other related information which may be specific to personal research and interests. Also it was felt that any contribution should have in mind pages’ aims and ethos.
    It was stressed that because the blog is very easy to use, and it seems to be the perfect tool for communication and interaction, participants should be encouraged to contribute in its content, and participate more regularly in its development as a collective resource.
    It was also pointed out that the pages’ blog could function as a record of the project’s process, defined by the timeline entries of events, activities and key developing points in time.

    The website, on the other hand, it will mainly be a public resource that will retrieve and assimilate the most relevant and significant information accumulated and collected in the blog. The website will project all the information and content gathered in the blog in a structured manner, and also reflect and inform about its evolving process of creation and production.

    The aesthetics & content structure

    Looking at the primary look of the pages’ website, which went online recently, there were good ideas, suggestions and comments made. Therefore, I will improve the website’s aesthetics and content structure, with the incorporation of the proposals for new and ingenious re-arrangements.

    The development

    It was stated that the future direction of the website could include the use of specific softwares that allow to run intereactive media, for example electronic forums and webcast, as well as utilise script language in order to manage and process form data.


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