Thursday, December 15, 2005

Pages 2nd meeting took place at The Women's Library on the 5th of December 2005.

The meeting was led by Gail Cameron, the Curator of Special Collections, who gave us an introduction to the history of the library, and also a brief induction to the electronic resources which are available for consultation. Then, Gail offered a presentation of some unique items from the archive and museum collections that The Women's Library currently holds.

Pages 1st meeting held at LMU on the 21st of November 2005.

The curators of Pages, Nici Oxley and Rosemarie McGoldrick, invited the BA Fine Art students selected for this project to give a 3-minute presentation on the subject of the research that they had chosen to do. The meeting was a good opportunity to share different ideas and approches of their proposed research.

Monday, December 12, 2005


Pages will be an exhibition of work curated by Nici Oxley and Rosemarie McGoldrick and originating from the Women’s Library in Whitechapel from October 2007 to March 2008. The principle is to exhibit an anthology of collected work from women practitioners of the highest calibre in the widest variety of disciplines. On invitation, practitioners respond to a set of agreed instructions. The collected responses form the basis of an archive which is then to be interpreted and displayed in the library and associated galleries. The agreed instructions are to relate to the principles behind the Women’s Library itself – the archiving, retrieval and dissemination of women’s knowledge and achievements. The Women’s Library can also provide the locus for this collected body of work – its own archives, methodologies and information can be a springboard for practitioners’ responses. The exhibition Pages has a great ambition. As a large exhibition with many platforms in different venues, Pages will provide the first opportunity in a generation for women to record and proclaim, in highly visible public arena in a world city, the influence of other women as tutors, guides, exemplars and seers. Pages is to have four major channels of expression. An exhibition of written work at the library, presented in large folios and in wall turners. An extensive series of screenings, sound pieces, readings, recitals and performances. A major conference on the issues that arise out of the archive of women’s work, with seminars, and question and answer sessions. A large exhibition of 2D and 3D artwork. The curators wish is that the venues for these shows are in the same vicinity for purposes of focus and identity.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

a little inspiration**********

when you type the word woman in 'google images'

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albertha hamilton

Marina Abramovic

Magdalena Abakanowicz

marie curie

louise bourgeois

sarah vaughan

suffragette, vogue, elle and executive woman magazine

Margaret Forman-the First Miss America, Marylin Monroe, Twiggi and Kate Moss

maya angelou

bette davis ,ava gardner, and judy garland

billie holiday

Patti Smith and Marianne

cindy sherman, diane arbus and nan goldin

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