Sunday, February 19, 2006

Pages People

Nici Oxley - Curator

Rosemary McGoldrick - Curator

Babette Pauthier - Project Coordinator

Lynda Brockbank - Design Consultancy
Lynda's art and design practice links to music and writing. She is Creative Director and founder of Crescent Lodge - a graphic design and communications consultancy in the East End of London.

Francesca Vilalta - Web Design

Elizabeth Price - Research Fellow

Claire Muldoon - Events Coordinator
Claire is a producer, director and administrator in the areas of theatre and comedy. She currently works for the Hackney Empire. She is also a board member of the Hackney Empire Preservation Trust.

Melissa Bugarella - Researcher
Melissa's practice focuses on sound and video installation and performance.
For pages she is researching artists using video, sound and performance and critics who write on these subjects. (research proposal)

Desdemona Ndanga - Researcher
Desdemona's practice explores literature and performance.
For Pages she is exploring the poetry of language in literature and performance. (research proposal)

Clancy Davies - Researcher
Clancy's artistic practice encompasses photography, printmaking and 3D.
Her main role in Pages is to research sources of funding and venues.

Katrina Anderson - Researcher
Katrina is an installation artist whose work explores ideas around boredom and nihilism.
For Pages she is looking at artists and writers whose work has been influenced by concepts of boredom. (research proposal)

Beth Collar - Researcher
Beth works with drawing, photography, printmaking and film to explore ideas connected with evolution and sexual selection.
Her research for Pages focuses on the female role in human evolution, and artists using evolutionary processes in the creation of their work. (research proposal)

Kelly Drake - Researcher
Kelly is a painter whose research for Pages explores the work of lesbian or queer artists and the rediscovery of hidden lesbian history. (research proposal)

Annie Spinster - Researcher
Annie's practice uses New Media to explore ideas around complexity theory and dynamical systems. Some of her work can be seen here
For Pages, she is researching the role of technological innovation and cross-disciplinary practice in women's art. (research proposal)

Gin Dunscombe - Researcher
Gin is an artist, dancer, parent and facilitator in organisations and for individuals, groups, teams and whole systems.
For Pages, she is researching women's correspondence produced in conditions of difficulty or duress. (research proposal)

Emma Pegg - Researcher
Emma is a printmaker who, for Pages, is looking at the role of dream states in the work of women artists and writers. (research proposal)

Kikki Stromstad - Researcher
Kikki's practice encompasses printmaking, photography, painting and sculpture.
For Pages, she is researching female Nordic artists whose work deals with issues such as journeying, identity, sexuality, longing and displacement. (research proposal)


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